Thursday, June 11, 2009

Correcting Sen. Little

Following the recent coup in the New York senate, North Country Public Radio ran an interview with local Sen. Betty Little, who has apparently returned to the majority (unless there's a countercoup).

At the very end, she was asked about the anticipated closing of Camp Gabriels, a minimum security prison in Franklin County, northern New York.

She said it was possible Camp Gabriels might re-open as something like a drug rehab center, "but not as a correctional facility" (prison).

Now some has been made of the prison-industrial complex and its unfortunate economic prominence in the Adirondacks, a topic I've long intended to research and write about but haven't quite gotten to.

But it's a rather telling illustration of Sen. Little's fealty to the prison industry that she considers a place where you lock people up and throw away the key to be "a correctional facility" but not a place like a drug rehab center, where they actually try to correct people's behavior.

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