Monday, March 03, 2008

The real winner of the Iraq invasion

Who's the real winner of the US aggression against Iraq? According to most observers including The Christian Science Monitor, the winner was Iran, a country routinely condemned by the Bush administration as a threat to every planet in the cosmos.

An illustration: when President Bush goes to Iraq, it's usually secretive, slinking in under the cover of darkness and never leaving the relative security of the Green Zone. Usually these visits are short, because of security fears. This despite the fact that US forces and its allies supposedly control the country.

Iran's president was given the very public pomp and circumstance traditionally associated with state visits. The Iranian leader even felt comfortable enough to travel overland to Baghdad's airport to the presidential palace, a trip that nearly all other dignitaries take by helicopter.

The standard line is that the United States 'liberated' Iraq from tyranny. But if that's really the case, how come Iraqis aren't more grateful?

Or maybe Iraqis know what Americans, well-known to be willfully ignorant (or self-deceptive) about human nature, choose not to see: the main thing that's happened in Iraq is the swapping of one form of tyranny for another.

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