Sunday, March 02, 2008

"If you jail a prisoner you at least give him food"

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." -Thomas Jefferson

I've written before about Israel's criminal starvation of Gaza. And Gaza has often been called the world's largest prison. However, the BBC intreviews one Gazan who contends that making Gaza into a prison would be an improvement. He notes, "If you jail a prisoner you at least give him food."

Update: To the shock of no one with a rudimentary understanding of human nature, Israel's attempts to starve Gaza into submission has only made violence worse by increasing resentment. Young men who were once busy laboring in Israel were rendered idle, hungry and angry. And anyone with a basic knowledge of history knows that this is the worst combination of circumstances for reducing violence. So the potential solution? Invade Gaza. It seems to me that if you don't understand the most basic premise of human nature, you don't deserve to run a supposedly respectable state like Israel: when you treat people like savages, this is exactly how they are going to act.

Further update: Apparently the Israeli people are more sane than their leaders. According to a poll published in Haaretz, one of the country's leading papers, nearly two-thirds of Israelis support a truce with Hamas as the only way to stop rocket attacks. CBS News' correspondent in Jerusalem points out that although talks with Hamas would once have been considered taboo, "recently radio talk shows have featured some former defense officials who say the only way to stop the rocket fire is to talk to Hamas about a truce.


Mark said...

Poor, desperate people with nothing to lose make the best cannon fodder for the intifada.

Brian said...

Mark, aren't such people the best cannon fodder for any war?

Mark said...

Oh, no disagreement there! You are looking at a picture that I was limiting to the Palestinians, but yes, it applies to most of not all situations: Nigeria, Chechnya, etc.

Brian said...

I wasn't thinking of those situations in particular but it certainly applies there too.