Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Democracy in action

I was listening to a BBC World Service report on the presidential campaign and they were interviewing a Hillary Clinton supporter. When asked about Barack Obama, this is basically what the supporter said.

"Obama's a bit like JFK. He's exciting. It's like 1960 again."

Does this mean that Hillary Clinton is Richard Nixon? Well, that's already been established.

Then this guy stammered a bit, as though he'd just remembered that he was a Hillary supporter and said something like, "He has charisma but um... it's different. Like... in 1960, we didn't have things to do. We have things to do now."

Blacks still sat at the back of the bus, when they weren't being lynched. Much of the country languished under grinding poverty. Rampant sexism. Space exploration. Thousands of Soviet missles pointed at the US. Most Americans were treated as second (or third) class citizens in their own land.

Yea, there wasn't much to do in 1960.

If you live in Texas or Ohio, just remember to vote. Someone needs to cancel out this guy's ballot.


Renegade Eye said...

I wouldn't advise anyone to vote in the Democratic Party primary. The party can't be reformed.

It was on NPR today, that Obama's advisors are meeting with Canadian government officials, telling them his anti-NAFTA rhetoric is just that.

Mark said...

I'm rallying for Hillary. I need her to stay in the race until Denver.