Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Are you ready for some hockey?!

Every year, the New York state high school ice hockey championships (semifinals and finals in two divisions), aka 'states,' are held in Utica. I wonder why the Glens Falls Civic Center doesn't bid for this tournament.

It would fit perfectly into the Civic Center's calendar. Hockey states are held the week after basketball sectionals and the week before basketball states, when the venue is usually vacant.

And the tournament would likely have good local representation to help attendance. Hockey is fairly big in this area. Either Glens Falls or Queensbury has made it to hockey states 7 times in the last 9 years. Area schools like LaSalle (Albany) and Shenendehowa (Clifton Park) also regularly advance far.

Glens Falls' biggest selling point would have to be that it's not Utica, a dumpy, crime-ridden city. The Troy of Central NY, if you well. The Civic Center is both bigger and nicer than the Memorial Auditorium in Utica.

Since the AHL unfortnuately isn't going to return permanently to tiny Glens Falls, especially when it's struggling in much bigger Albany, Hometown USA would do well to bid for this tournament.


semi234 said...

From what I've recently discovered, there's more to winning a tournament than just making the bid.

Apparently, the various 9 state section presidents(?) vote on a location. The basketball voting is usually pretty tight like 5-4. & this doesn't even take into account that Binghamton always comes pretty hard to take it away from them.

Not to mention, this doesn't even take into account the economics. The area hotels get hit pretty hard. Here it is midweek & the Queensbury Hotel still has upwards of 20 rooms (out of a possible 125) that can't be signed out just because the cleaning manpower hasn't had the oppurtunity to get to them yet. This also doesn't even take into account the rooms that are out of order. Not to mention, the wear & tear on the bedframes is horrendous. Its not really like they're actively destroying them. But you figure they can only give the teams so many rooms, at least one kid sleeps on the floor because the cots get snagged pretty quickly.

A different take on the economics is that it'd be foolish to try & get the hockey tournament. Think about it. If regional teams make the tourney, they nor their entourage will stay in the local establishments.

Brian said...

Your second paragraph makes sense. I don't buy the third paragraph though.

The tournament comprises eight teams, four big school teams and four small school teams. Only two total, one in each class, could be from this region.

So you'd be guaranteed six teams coming from distance... most either from Syracuse/Rochester/Buffalo or the area around Potsdam.

And even if there were two regional teams, one of them would almost certainly be from the Capital District. Saratoga's the only large school team really near here and they're not that good.

So if, for example, Shen made it, the teams and fans might not stay in hotels, but they'd still probably eat in restaurants.

Of the very local teams, only one of GF, Queensbury or (snicker) SGF could make states.