Friday, March 07, 2008


There's been widespread criticism of both South Glens Falls hockey players because of the hazing scandal I wrote about earlier and of parents because of their reaction to it.

But it's not all bad south of the bridge.

Last weekend, South High students raised over $245,000 for various local charities, and people in need. That's an astounding amount for a school of only 1000 students.

Their annual marathon dance has raised nearly $1.9 million for local causes in its 31 years of existence.

Let's hope the South High community spends less time on hockey piss parties and more time doing good stuff like this.

Kudos to the kids and to the people who donated money.


Renegade Eye said...

It's quite a contrast between the hockey and charity behavior.

You wonder where the school ranks on No Child Left Behind.

Brian said...

RE: Sort of, but not really. It embodies the two sides of the same quality: solidarity. One for worse and one for better.

Anonymous said...

There is good and bad in all........