Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Let them eat cake

Below are a few recent comments by arrogant bureaucrats smugly dismissing the concerns of people paying their salaries.

Go to sleep earlier so that you can grow and be cleverer.
-South Africa's energy minister waving away criticism over a spate of electricity blackouts in the country that will host the soccer World Cup in two years time.

Grow up!
-US homeland insecurity secretary Michael Chertoff (who's below the secretary of transportation in the presidential line of succession) attacking critics of new border crossing rules who worry about the dramatic economic impact of the changes on border regions.

[John Strough] probably should have taken his medication before the meeting.
-Queensbury (NY) town loudmouth/supervisor Dan Stec blasting a fellow town board member for raising ethical doubts about the search for a municipal insurance provider. Because the phrases 'ethical doubts' and 'Queensbury town board' are never used in the same sentence.

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Mark said...

On a somewhat unrelated note:

Today's New York Times:

“We are just cleaning the garbage off the streets of Ndjamena,” said Hassana Abdoulaye, the provincial governor, smiling as he watched a crew of firemen heave the corpses into a bright yellow front loader, which then tipped them into a dump truck headed for a mass grave. Just a few smears of dried blood remained. “Everything is back to normal,” Mr. Abdoulaye said.

Normal indeed.