Friday, February 01, 2008

Hell hath no fury like the parent of a wannabe prima donna athlete scorned

The high school hockey hazing scandal I reported and commented on earlier still hasn't made the local paper's print edition, but through no fault of the daily. The Post-Star has contacted several of the parties, including one of my sources, but are having trouble getting anyone to talk on the record. And this is understandable. The victim's parents wants to protect their kid from further harassment. The perpetrators' parents presumably don't want their family name dragged through the mud... though if charges are pressed, this will happen anyway. The administration is trying to cover its rear end over what appears to be gross negligence over the course of several years.

However, while the paper hasn't got enough information for a print story, it has posted some information on its high school hockey blog (both here and here). The school district in question, as some readers of my blog have already figured out, is South Glens Falls.

I'm not going to re-hash the whole issue again. But I will say this. In the paper's hockey blog, I made the following prediction:

The worst part about it is that when the Post-Star is finally able to publish this article, we all know exactly what’s going to happen: the persecution complex. There will be tons of letters blaming the evil paper for slandering the town and attacking the poor innocent perps. The real victim (kid who was subjected to it) is going to get even more crap than he is now. Worst of all, the perps are going to be treated as martyrs. There’s going to be mass amnesia about who actually did something wrong, who had wrong done to them and who was exposing the wrong. You can take it to the bank that this lunacy is what’ll happen.

That was the third comment on that particular entry. The following ten comments contain several examples proving me right... even before the print article has been published.

There was plenty of idiocy in these comments that I won't bother re-hashing. But there is one that I can't ignore.

I read many political blogs and forums. I've read hundreds of crazy, assinine, mind boggling comments over the years. I've received the occassional screed comment on this blog. I have a pretty thick skin for that sort of thing. But this comment by someone calling themselves "SGF Parent" made me lose it:

The student who was “victimized” was also a participant. Don’t you think ALL students involved should be suspended? That would include the one who spoke out…otherwise this punishment is discriminatory - and what kind of lesson does that teach our children?

So let's recap: the victim was also a "participant" so he should be suspended for being victimized? The kid who spoke out* against both the school's athletic code of conduct and the law should be suspended too?

(*-according to my sources, the kid who spoke out was not the victim.)

Just think about this for a second.

A kid who was repeatedly assaulted should be punished for being repeatedly assaulted.

A kid who spoke out about this repeated illegal activity should also be punished for speaking out about this repeated illegal activity.

Now if your jaw didn't break when it hit the ground and you're still conscious, what is your reaction?

My reaction is that the perps should be thankful they were only suspended and had their asses thrown in jail for their felony behavior.

If this scumbag is telling his/her son that this sort obscene anti-social behavior is perfectly acceptable, that the son can assault people repeatedly and then say it was the victim's fault, then the parent should have his/her children taken away and should not be allowed to reproduce anymore.

One of the reasons some kids commit suicide (or go Columbine) is because disgraceful human beings like "SGF Parent" excuse, or even justify, the sort of repeated degradation suffered by this South High hockey player.

As far as I'm concerned, "SGF Parent" and those who share those sentiments can go hell. Maybe the conduct down there will be more to their liking.

Update: According to sources, the South High coach apparently did quite a bit of investigating on his own about the shenanigans that had gone on even before he took over and continued. But he was hamstrung by the odd structure of the program: parents and fundraising finance the team. So the coach's authority to reprimand players was undermined by this funding structure. Additionally, I've learned that parents of a few of the perpetrators are livid at their children... which I suppose holds out a little hope that sanity might prevail.

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