Friday, January 04, 2008

"You would like nothing better than to hold grudges"

In my local paper, I caught a version of this article about the debate over casino gambling in Massachussetts. The piece talked about how religious folks that had previously been on opposite sides of the argument over gay marriage are now uniting to oppose casinos. It was supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy about how ideologically different people can get along. And then I read this snipet:

"You would like nothing better than to hold grudges. But in government you can't do that," said Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute, a leading anti-gay marriage lobbying group whose mission statement says it's committed to affirming Judeo-Christian values.

Just think about that comment for a second: "You would like nothing better than to hold grudges."

This so-called Christian should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

This is exactly what's wrong with America. You have a group claiming to represent core Judeo-Christian values talking about the joy of holding grudges.

The only reason this "Judeo-Christian" group reluctantly chose to drop its grudge is only because it became politically expedient to do so.

I was raised a Catholic. The Catholicism I learned might be derided as "bleeding heart" or "cafeteria" in some quarters. But in contrast to Ms. Mineau, the version of Christianity I was raised with did not preach about how there is "nothing better" than holding grudges.

America is filled with so many people who are angry and nasty and who view those with differing political opinions as enemies, as dishonest, as evil. What America needs is more emphasis on honest dialogue and less emphasis on holding grudges.

Even if it doesn't fit some people's idea of Judeo-Christian values.


A Social Skidmark said...

If you listen to most of the leaders of these type of groups, you'll hear alot of nastiness and un-Christian attitudes. Typical.
I've heard alot of different things that bothered me. I heard a preacher say something like Homosexuality was a virus and Christianity was the medicine to cure it (something like that, I don't remember the exact words). And that Christians were the bleach to clean the homosexuality stain from the world. I've heard alot worse around here.

Mark said...

I'm a Ukrainian Catholic, but I'm really getting tired of religion. Ugh.