Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yacking drivers to blame for traffic congestion too

It's fairly well known that people who yack away on their cell phones (or worse yet, text message) while driving are extremely hazardous not only to other drivers, but especially to pedestrians and bicyclists. Some studies have equated the practice to being as dangerous as driving drunk. Whether this is strictly true or not, the practice is clearly distracting and unsafe.

Such people (here in New York state, we call them criminals) are now being blamed for another ill: traffic congestion.

U.S. researchers said on Wednesday that people who use cell phones while behind the wheel impede the flow of traffic, clog highways and extend commute times, reported Reuters.


Mark said...

Traffic congestion too? I can believe it. However, I'm still praying for the day when rubbernecking is made a capital offense. I was on the NJ Turnpike yesterday, three lanes going each way, and there were rubbernecking delays on both sides over a car pulled over by one state trooper, most likely a speeding ticket. WTF?!

Anonymous said...

There are enough distractions as it is driving.

Even in a small village like Hudson Falls between John St. and north of the park, there is a lot to look out for with crosswalks, people pulling in and out of parking spaces, businesses and streets, the post office, and then the circle by the park.

Then take the city of Glens Falls, Quaker road Upper Glen, Aviation it is crazy.

Now they want to take the last known peaceful area of Quaker and build a big box store, they are nuts.

A Social Skidmark said...

They should make it against the law. Oh it is in most places.
Then they should enforce it. No that's too easy.
I guess we'll just have to deal with the morons who don't care who they kill, like always.
But maybe our???? lawmakers can come up with another dumbass law that our???? law enforcement can enforce so our???? courts and our??? municipalities can set fines to make sure they (the lawmakers, law enforcement, the courts, and city officials) get a pay check and can justify their own ineptness at anything other than increasing revenue thru fines on ignorant laws. LOL