Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prankster nearly provokes US-Iranian conflict

Earlier this month, you may have noticed sensational stories about alleged threats made by the Iranian authorities on American naval vessels. Many were skeptical of the official accounts, simply because a) the Bush administration has no credibility left and b) most people know they are trying to contrive some fake pretext to fabricate a military confrontation with Iran.

Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! contends that the media was complicit in helping make this molehill into a mountain.

It turns out that whole 'incident' may have been provoked by a prankster.

A well-known prankster, apparently.

The Navy Times quoted Rick Hoffman, a retired captain, as saying a renegade talker repeatedly harassed ships in the Gulf in the late 1980s.
"For 25 years there's been this mythical guy out there who, hour after hour, shouts obscenities and threats," he said. "He could be tied up pierside somewhere or he could be on the bridge of a merchant ship," Hoffman said
, reported the Associated Press.

The fact that an apparent prank could nearly provoke a military confrontation between a US administration desperate for one and Iran is pointed illustration of just how irrational and dangerously out of control the fanatics in the White House are.

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