Friday, December 21, 2007

WAMC capitulates on assault against NCPR

I blogged earlier (both here and here) on a dispute between two public radio stations in the Adirondacks.

Dr. Alan Chartock and his WAMC has withdrawn its threat to takeover North Country Public Radio's 91.7 FM frequency in Lake Placid, this according to the business blog of the Albany Times-Union.

NCPR will give its translator license to WAMC to broadcast on a different frequency in the hopes that the Canton-station will get a full-power license on the same frequency, rather than a religious station in distant Rensselaer County.

I'm not exactly sure what happened here. Perhaps it was a case of a bully, Alan Chartock, being shocked anyone would stand up to him. Perhaps, he and WAMC realized that they didn't have a leg to stand on and that the FCC wouldn't take a frequency away from a local broadcaster to one who didn't even cover that region. Or perhaps this was just an attempt to blackmail a license out of NCPR. Who knows.

But the preservation of local radio was hailed by Adirondack Almanack and Adirondack Musing blogs. The Adirondack Daily Enterprise will presumably be happy about it as well.


A Social Skidmark said...

The mighty mighty pen......Or in this case, keyboard.

G.M.Heller said...

Little Big Man folded like a cheap umbrella on a windy day.
No doubt as a result of the storm of negative publicity.
And the risk of alienating too many prospective listeners (and underwriters) were WAMC to end-up with even a small translator in Lake Placid.
And after all that tall talk of just a few news cycles ago.
This ought to be a big lesson for all those locales where WAMC is trying to encroach in a dominating way on other established public radio entities.
It pays to fight back.

Marquil said...

don't know if you can imbed links here, but her'e one to a relevant cartoon from Hill Country Observer earlier this year: