Friday, December 14, 2007


Soccer is not infested with drugs cheats like cycling, athletics, the National Football League and Major League Baseball. And it's not a hotbed of hoodlum culture (at least among the players) like the NFL and Non-Basketball Association.

Soccer players taking dives is obnoxious, but it's a dishonesty that's ultimately trivial compared to the dishonesty plaguing "real American" sports.

Diving won't kill you... or land you in jail.


TourPro said...

Your kidding right? It might not be "infested", but I'm guessing at the top levels there must be some doping going on. I guess I'm cynical about these things now (big cycling fan.

Completely off topic - Ha hahhaha, I'm watching Huckabee on O'Reilly sitting with Chuck Norris! What a freaking world we live in. Only in America and Thank God for that!

Brian said...

No, I'm not kidding

Bulking up doesn't really do any good in soccer, a sport where quickness and agility are key attributes.

A Social Skidmark said...

It's funny. I watched the ignorant sports network today (it wasn't by choice, it was just on where I was at), and PTI was on. They were talking about if Steroids were important to regular people are just to the media. They said something like it was only important because of the numbers related to baseball. I think the whole ESPN network completely lost focus on the real reason behind banning steroids and the reason for punishment for the use of them. It's not because of cheating. To me it's to keep 12 year olds from juicing and completely destroying their bodies. The whole "SPORTS" complex has completely forgotten what is the real problem. If adults want to mess up their bodies, that's life. But when they start influencing kids to do this, it's suppose to be a "Bad Thing". The numbers, records,...... don't compare to that.
Your right that diving doesn't compare to using steroids. I think soccer is one of the best sports in the world because their cheats are in the open. It's not hidden behind closed doors. It's not smuggled in from Mexico (except for a few Mexican forwards that dive in MLS). Compared to soccer, "American" sports are decades behind and may not ever catch up.They don't want to change, just put on a good show.