Thursday, November 22, 2007

On Thanksgiving

I heard a recent radio essay about Thanksgiving. The commentator talked about how the holiday, or at least its myth, represented a shining example of a group of natives welcoming illegal immigrants and how it's an example from which open-minded people should take inspiration.

I heard somewhere that it's estimated that something like 90 percent of all Native Americans in North America had already died before the Pilgrims landed due primarily to disease by previous European settlers.

Of course, this was even before the 19th century's messianic Manifest Destiny and its genocidal destruction of the 10 percent that remained.

This is how the natives were thanked for their hospitality at that mythical dinner.

Let's hope that the Mexicans who come to this country are more civilized than their predecessors.

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A Social Skidmark said...

LOL. We're at the mercy of the invading hordes.