Monday, November 05, 2007

NYS citizens to vote on clean water for Raquette Lake

In odd-numbered years, municipal and county races are the only offices on New York state's ballots. There is generally very little media coverage of all but a few races, perhaps because so many are uncontested. State referenda questions get even less coverage.

For example, Adirondack Musing blog helpfully points out that state voters will get to vote on whether residents of Raquette Lake will be allowed to have clean water.

Residents of Raquette Lake want to trade 12 acres of forest for 1 acre of state-owned "forever wild" land where they will build their badly needed village water supply but since it's within the constitutionally-protected Adirondack Park, this must be approved approved in a statewide vote.

Please remember to vote on this issue tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this passes, I think the way it was publicized across the state was weak.