Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boycott SJ Garcia's, Depe Dene, Taste of Poland and four Queensbury/Lake George motels

It's politically correct nowadays to blame illegal immigrants for everything that's wrong in this country. Ironic, since it was citizens who put George W. Bush in the White House. But even being an immigrant here legally doesn't prevent you from being exploited by scumbags.

The Albany Times-Union reported that seven businesses in the Lake George/Queensbury area exploited foreign workers and cheated them out of wages. The state labor department accused the businesses of breaking child labor laws, refusing to pay required overtime and deducting rent from wages.

Bear in mind, these foreigners are encouraged by the State Department to come here to fill out the work force.

How are these invited guests treated?

Irena Lyahkanova from Russia said she worked like a "slave" at Taste of Poland restaurant for "nothing." The owners did not pay any of its tipped employees, the 10 to 12 waitresses and bussers through the summer, Lyahkanova said. Many went back to Russia and Poland with no money.

She said many were afraid to complain because they feared being deported.

Approximately 600 foreign workers come to the Lake George area in the summer and provide an invaluable workforce, [village mayor Bob] Blais said. Without them, business owners would face a staff shortage.

Last year, The Glens Falls Post-Star ran a long feature on the foreigners, mostly Eastern Europeans, who work in Lake George. The piece quoted several business owners who praised the Eastern Europeans and bad-mouthed local teens.

Maybe the supposed 'poor work ethic' of local teens is that they refuse to be treated like 'slaves.'

Maybe the problem is that because there are enough tourist jobs in this area, local teens won't accept crooked owners stealing the wages they rightfully earned.

The accused businesses, which I will boycott and you should too, are..

-SJ Garcia's
-The Quality Inn and Econo Lodge (Queensbury)
-Ramada Express
-Depe Dene
-Taste of Poland
-Choice Inn & Suites


Mark said...

Sheesh, I know where Deep Dene is, and I've eaten at Taste of Poland once, when it first opened. This certainly hits close to home.
Yet another sympton of the larger immigration problem- people too scared to come outta the woodwork and stand up for basic rights. Need thorough reform, not petty arguments over border fences or drivers' licenses.

A Social Skidmark said...

Thats some sleezy business practices. They should be put out of business.