Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why the American health care system is the best in the world

I was having a debate with an acquaintance about health care in this country. He was arguing that any government involvement in health care would constitute (insert menacing music) SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. He said we must never institute the universal health care systems of Canada and nearly every other major developed country. Why? This would be a grotesque assault on our freedom. Those who want health care to be more accessible are in cahoots with al-Qaeda apparently. He also brushed aside complaints that our system was too expensive and grotesquely inefficient (average overhead costs of private insurers: 30 percent; average overhead of government Medicare: 3 percent). Complaints about costs are overblown. He explained...

"You can walk into any ER in the country and they'll serve you and the next day you can file Bankruptcy and never have to pay a penny of your bills."

I was left speechless.

I am rarely left speechless.


PCS said...

At least he realizes, unlike Pres. Bush, that you have to pay for those emergency room visits. Does your friend realize that Repubs. also changed the bankruptcy laws?

Renegade Eye said...

That was SICKO. I had to say that.

OT: My last post about Venezuela, was written by a source not really in line with my thoughts. I thought your cult comment was correct.

This better represents my views. It is a long article.

Mark said...

Our health care would be more efficient and cheaper if we went back 40 yrs to before HMOs were essentially created by Congressional fiat. This hybrid system that we have now, where the govt already picks up 50% of all costs, will only get worse. Socialized medicine will be here within a generation, I believe it's inevitable.