Friday, September 14, 2007

Misunderestimating your audience

I've probably ranted before about how much I can't stand commercial radio. Their DJs engage in unending spats of vapid babbling about something which they are the only person in America who thinks is the most hilarious or fascinating comment ever made.

Ever since the 1996 Telecommunications Act allowed a couple of media giants to own most of the radio stations, commercial radio has gone into the toilet faster than Larry Craig on Viagra.

That's why I'm happy to shell out $13 a month with Sirius Satellite Radio to avoid this crap and to be able to listen to (shock! astonishment) actual music when I turn on the radio. It's not the commercials on commercial radio that bother me. I just want to shoot all the DJs.

Sirius' DJs usually don't talk for more than 30 seconds and even then, it's often about the actual music or musician, which I don't mind. Once in a while, they slip though.

One DJ today was talking about how the upcoming song was featured in the controversial new CBS series Kid Nation. According to him, the premise of the show was stupid. These kids were completely alone, he said sarcastically, except for the producer, director and camera crew people that were watching their every move. "It's not like it was Lord of the Rings," he said.

If you don't know the difference between Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Flies, then maybe you stay away from literature and stick to music.


Scoop said...

No, no, no, DJ's are the heart and soul of radio. The old djs from the 60's and 70's before FM made things happen, they kept it upbeat. Today it is all computerized and dj's only make it bad today because they can't be creative. I even have aa FCC license and did part time for 10 years
Teams like Mason and Sheehan on PYZ 106 and even locally years ago on I107 with Steve and Debbie made radio fun.
I know today it is lame but don't throw all the dj's under the bus.

Brian said...

The creativity has certainly been squeezed out of corporate radio. That was sort of what I was getting at. But I guess I tune into radio for the music, not for lame chitchat. I don't mind when DJs are actually talking about music or musicians, but on corporate radio, that's more accidental.