Friday, September 28, 2007

Limbaugh slanders troops; Senate silent

I didn't realize that conservative windbag Rush Limbaugh was still around. I thought illegal use of drugs was usually punished harshly with prison. But maybe it's only reserved for serious criminals, like those who smoke a joint in their living room.

Anyway he apparently still has a radio show. In it, he recently launched a verbal attack on the integrity of soldiers who disagreed with President Bush's Iraq policy.

A man whose only experience with combat is berating callers from his plush radio studio had the gall to refer to such troops as 'phony soldiers,' in contrast to the 'real soldiers' who agree with Bush.

Several of the 'phony' soldiers who recently published an op-ed in The New York Times criticizing Bush's Iraq non-policy suffered REAL deaths in REAL combat

The windbag who dodged military service in Vietnam because of hemorrhoids also said that soldiers shouldn't whine about Bush's idiotic decisions because after all, the soldiers "joined to be Iraq."

That's odd... for the last five years, he and his ilk claimed that the role of soldiers was to (hold hand over heart) protect our freedom, not 'to be in Iraq.'

Adirondack Musing wonders who is going to hyperventilatingly demand the US Senate pass a resolution condemning the windbag's comments, like they did with

Update: Adirondack Musing notes one GOP Congressman actually had the audacity to introduce a resolution PRAISING Limbaugh for raising troop morale (by calling them phonies, apparently). My head hurts now.


Renegade Eye said...

The ads are only starting. Once the conventions are over, than you'll see really dirty ads. The whole issue is much ado over nothing.

TourPro said...

Media Matters Lies - probably you might think the tape is "fixed" due to the source.

Brian said...

^^The link provided above is nothing more than an anti-ACLU website. It also amusingly calls itself a pro-life website even though it also calls itself a pro-Bush website. Talk about a giant contradiction!

I.M.SMALL said...


The Defamation League as holds
Power in Washington
Meanwhile the unwashed heathen scolds
On whom shines that same sun.

Riled up it is, this hostile crew
Because it hates the sharing
Of sunlight with the likes of who
Exhibit truthful caring.

Caricatures and slanders thus
It sends into the ether,
Followed by rumors--sourpuss
And venomous each seether.

Most call themselves "Republicans"
But there are other types,
For some there are as loving France--
No room for stereotypes.

Common denominator, though
(And what they have in common,
Nor is it very far from low,
Perennially human),

Is willingness to bend, distort
The truth, and even lie,
Insinuate, suggest, purport,
Most often on the sly--

Meanwhile presenting to the face
A humble-pie demeanor,
Buffoonish chuckling, in which trace
The honest something meaner.

Alas the vast majority
Itself remains dishonest--
Of all the known tricks men may see
This one is not unknownest,

But defamation, slander, rumor
Has long been known the vilest:
Defamer, thou an ugly tumor
Be plucked the while thou smilest!

Republicans were not alone
Promoting this intrigue--
Yet worse than dogs that want a bone
Is Defamation´s League.
Democracy, as is well known,
Now suffers from fatigue,
Yet rhetoricians hoist and hone
To mount their next blitzkrieg.