Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Israel's attack on Syria

Adirondack Musing reports on something the mainstream media in this country seems to have missed: Israel's military attack against Syria. So reports both The Washington Post and the Rupert Murdoch-owned Times of London.

The Post speculates that it might have been a dry run for an attack against Iran.

You'd think the broadcast media might be able to cut a minute or so of their OJ Simpson coverage to report on this serious event, but their only responsibility as corporate conglomerates is to 'give people what they want.'


PCS said...

Even more amazing is how quiet the countries of the Middle East are being about this raid.

Mark said...

New sh-t comes to light on the fiasco:

I especially recommend the link from "Arms Control Wonk."

Mark said...

This should clear up some perceptions of our Congress, with its basement-level approval ratings: The idea that "Congress failed us in the past 6 years" is exagerrated. It's simply politics, a game that's been in town for decades.