Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A bottom feeder sinks a little lower

It's no secret that I can't stand Rudy Giuliani. I reserve some of my utmost contempt for shameless populist demagogues of all ideologies. The former mayor of New York certainly fits that bill.

It's important to look at the policy positions of candidates in an election. But you can also tell a lot about a candidate's character by how he (or she) campaigns and how and to whom they pander. Giuliani panders to the worst in people: fear, hatred, anger. He offers no positive agenda, only irrational hysteria.

So it's not surprising that one of his supporters came up with the slimeball idea to hold fundraiser parties where an admission would be charged. The rate of admission: $9.11.

Giuliani's campaign disavowed any knowledge of the fundraiser. But the tone was set long ago. When you base your entire campaign on 9/11-themed fearmongering, it's to be expected that supporters would take that to its logical conclusions.

The firefighters' union trashed the idea.

"It is nothing short of disrespectful to the legacy of the thousands of civilians and 343 brave firefighters who died at Ground Zero," said Harold Schaitberger, IAFF president.

However, such disrespect is his trademark. Giuliani has been shamelessly exploiting Sept. 11, 2001 for his own political ends since... Sept. 12, 2001.

He is so divorced from reality that he even had the audacity to claim he was a de facto rescue worker hero. A claim which was denounced by real rescue worker heroes.

Rudy thinks he personally owns 9/11. So it's not the least bit surprising that his supporters think they do too.


Mark said...

Now now, Brian, if Rudy was truly exploiting 9/11, he'd be doing a $2,974 per person fundraiser, or one dollar for each 9/11 casualty.

Brian said...

I ought to delete that comment before he gets any ideas.

Jim Sullivan said...


I'm sure somebody in his campaign already thought of it. I can see it now;

"What if we charged $2,974 per person?"

"No, that'd be in bad taste. Plus, we'd look greedy."

"Yeah, you're right. $9.11 sounds classier."

Brian said...

It was tongue in cheek.

Jim Sullivan said...

I know Brian. I was just carrying the joke a little further. Or so I thought.

Brian said...

No problem. It's just that the written word sometimes doesn't convey tone very well.

Mark said...

Brian, I'm in Kyiv, as an election observer. My suitcase, however, is still in London. They claim they can send it to my hotel in a town called Kremenchuk, which is where I'm being posted for the election.
Personally, I blame the National Health Service for all of this queueing and delaying. Do you concur with my assessment? ;)

Brian said...

That's odd of you Mark. I assumed you would've blamed Vlad Putin. ;-)