Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Being 'respectful' of 9/11

Yesterday, I initially posted an essay regarding the history of US foreign policy, pre-9/11. I received a critical note most of which was the usual tripe. But it did make a comment that maybe the essay wasn't the classiest thing to do on that day. After reflection, I agreed and decided to take down the post and replace it with something a little more respectful, but no less sincere.

There was nothing in the text of the post that I regretted. But maybe the timing wasn't the best. Besides, most of the stuff in that essay, I'd said before anyway.

So I went to the critic's blog to let him know and I came across this screed.

This is a guy who criticized my lack of class in being disrespectful to the dead of 9/11 by exploiting the day for my own political agenda. And what is his blog entry on that supposedly sacred day? Was it "We remember the dead"? Was it "We feel sorrow for their families"? Was it a humble memorial listing the victims like Jim Sullivan did?


His way of respecting the dead of 9/11 was to ignore them altogether, except as springboard for an anti-Islamic rant calling for an orgy of death and destruction.

His way of respecting the dead of 9/11 was to demand that we destroy 'their' (Muslims') countries. The murder of our innocent civilians must be answered with the murder of their innocent civilians.

His way of pacifying the Islamic world, radical and moderate alike, is to "Take a page from General Sherman." Because we know that Sherman's march to the sea created humane conditions in the south without an ounce of resentment. And that resentment certainly didn't build up and lead to more violence and instability.

He would have us destroy their countries, bully them into carrying our water and then demand the Islamic moderates to denounce the radicals. Because as 9/11 demonstrated, we all know that a siege mentality empowers the moderates.

That's his way of being respectful to the 9/11 dead.

I will be taking no more lessons from him.


Jim Sullivan said...


Don't let whatever that guy said get to you. I can see how hard that would be considering what he wrote on his blog. I mean, you know me and my stance on violence and even I found what he wrote on his blog offensive.

And thanks for the mention by the way. That listing was a 'labor of love' for too much of the day yesterday. Don't tell my boss.

Mark said...

I checked out his entry... wow... "Burn a path to the sea"