Monday, September 10, 2007

The Anglicans' gay obsession

Openly gay Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson has hit back at critics and compared the stance of some senior African members of the Anglican Church, who have accused homosexuals of bestiality, with that of American racists and slavers in years gone by.

Robinson's consecration as bishop has caused a split in the worldwide Anglican communion (of which the US branch is called the Episcopal Church) with many of his co-religionists in very homophobic Africa and some in the west fiercely opposing the ordination of gay clergy.

"It's very painful for me," Robinson said. "Coming out of the experience of the United States, where we treated people from Africa as less than human, where we used scripture to justify their slavery and their continued bondage ... it's very very painful to have those people in Africa in some sense using the same thinking against gay and lesbian people and against me."

Anti-gay sentiment is still prevalent in most forms of Christianity and Islam, but increasingly, many are beginning to reject the notion that a gay person can not serve God. Some note that while the CHRISTian prophet Jesus CHRIST spoke at great length about treating people with decency, he said not a word about homosexuality.

The ex-Anglican archbishop of Capetown Desmond Tutu concurred with Robinson. The black former anti-apartheid activist called his co-religionists to stop another form of bigotry and put an end to their 'obsession' with gays and same-sex marriage.

"There are so many issues crying out for concern and application by the church of its resources, and here we are, I mean, with this kind of extraordinary obsession," the Nobel Peace Prize winner said.
"Certainly there's not been anything like the same standing up to the evil and exercising the prophetic ministry that one would have expected from the church - and that has been very ... distressing."


Renegade Eye said...

Why are people so compartmentalized, to not connect the dots between anti-racism to gay rights?

Why understand one and not another?

Jim Sullivan said...


I still can't understand why homosexuality is still the big hang-up for many religious people.

I'm trying to remember where in the bible it talks about the sin of homosexuality and if I remember correctly, its the same spot that talks about it being a sin to eat shellfish as well. I'll try to find that.

Anyway, too much picking and choosing of sins. On the part of people not the Bible. Not that I'm defending the Bible. But people always seem to want to say, "I'm a sinner, yeah , we all are. But I'm not as bad as you."

And they wonder why so many Christians get labelled hypocrites.

Brian said...


One thing that gets me is what Jesus (aka: the Christ in CHRISTianity) said about homosexuality.

To my knowledge, it's nothing.