Wednesday, August 15, 2007

T-shirt snobs

With local curmudgeon Scoop on hiatus, it falls to me to write this piece.

Every year, the thoroughbred track in Saratoga has several days where it gives out free stuff with a paid admission.

Earlier this month, the track gave out free Saratoga t-shirts to everyone who bought a $5 ticket. But apparently the free t-shirts were of high enough quality for some people.

One whiny ingrate even wasted time complaining to the newspaper about it.

The shirt, she sniffed, does not portray a "class image." The lettering, and imprinting of the horse is shabbily done. All 11 shirts that we received were the same.

So for $55, she and her large family received a nice day at the track and ELEVEN FREE t-shirts.

She added, My family will not wear them in public. What do you think of them?

What do I think, lady? I think if you should give those t-shirts to the Salvation Army or something. I'm certain there are less privileged people in the area who would be more than happy to wear them and wouldn't have the gall to write to the newspaper to complain about their free gifts!


Jim Sullivan said...

Sounds like Scoop, alright.

Scoop said...

Thumbs up, great job Brian I read this while in the hospital and thought the same thing. Then I saw a letter to her in the PS.
I'll be back writing soon.

Mark said...

whiny little b-tch indeed.