Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fight night in Canada

Canada's CBC ran a fascinating piece about the country's national sport: ice hockey. Or more specifically about fighting in hockey, which might be its real national sport.

A former NHL 'enforcer' (goon) recently started a fighting academy. But it's not designed for young pros cutting their teeth in the minors or hot prospects in major juniors, but on kids aged 12-18.

The goon claimed that he wasn't actually teaching kids how to fight, but rather, "We're teaching kids how to protect themselves so they don't get hurt on the ice."

A spokesman for Hockey Canada, the sport's national governing body, pointed out that fighting is against youth hockey regulations, "especially for 12-year-olds."

This has inspired me to consider founding a school to teach young soccer players how to dive. I won't be teaching kids how to dive. I'll be teaching them how to protect themselves so they don't get injured while faking a injury!

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Scoop said...

Makes sense to me