Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Did I miss something?

So I was listening to WAMC Northeast Public Radio and the anchor announced, "Today at 1:00 on Alternative Radio: former vice-president Al Gore."

Maybe I wasn't paying attention but when exactly did Al Gore, that beacon of the corporate Democrat establishment, become an 'alternative' voice?


semi234 said...

Maybe he's trying to speak to that crowd, courting them for his projects that mean something to him (of late, the environment).

Brian said...

I take your point. But at the same time, the environment was an issue of his before he became vice-president. He published Earth in the Balance in June 1992, before he was nominated, so it means he was probably working on it for a few years before. But then when he became vice-president, the issue suddenly dropped off his radar. Yes he was vice-president, but he was the most powerful VP in history... until Cheney came along.