Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chavez wants presidency-for-life

So now Comrade Hugo Chavez wants to become president-for-life of Venezuela.

This belies his 'revolutionary' rhetoric. If Chavez were truly engaging in a revolution to transform the entire society, then surely it would be so thorough and comprehensive that it wouldn't need him to be its head ad infinitum. (See: Castro, Fidel).

A true revolution is about ideals and about a process to implement those ideals, not about the massive ego of a single man and his endless quest for absolute power.

That Chavez wants to allow the presidency-for-life is further evidence that his main interest if further building the giant cult of personality around him.

Contrast that with the strides made in Bolivia by another avowed socialist Evo Morales. Though not nearly the international leftist cult figure that Chavez is, Morales is a very humble, modest man who makes his focus the improvement the life of his people. He may speak his mind, but he lets his actions speak louder.

There's no international grandstanding, no hobnobbing with Iranian theocrats just to piss off Washington, no gratuitous picking of fights to bolster his ego or global image.

Maybe it's the difference between between a former union leader, where you have to work hard to forge practical consensuses, and being a military man, where you expect underlings to mindlessly follow your commands. Either way, Morales' program about poverty reduction, not caudillo worship.

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