Saturday, August 25, 2007

Actions, reactions

Newsitem: Regarding the iPhone... Apple launched the eagerly awaited phone exclusively on AT&T's network in June, and immediately faced criticism for how resistant it was to any modification.

Observation: Resistant to modification? Impossible to use outside narrowly confined systems? This is so unlike Apple.

Newsitem: Regarding author Ayn Rand... Who is Ayn Rand? More than two decades after her death, readers still debate the morality and cultural influence of the provocative Russian-born author whose "objectivist" philosophy culminated in her 1957 magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged. The 1,192-page novel unapologetically fictionalized an individualist philosophy that praises selfishness, scorns charity, and turns monopolists into paragons of virtue. Biographies by spurned lovers and collections of her letters reveal Rand as a passionate, sometimes tempestuous, personality, a woman with devoted loves and sworn enemies, who relished sex and dabbled in swinging, and demanded absolute loyalty from her disciples.

Observation: Because nothing screams radical individualism more than 'absolute loyalty' to someone else.

Newsitem: President Bush has announced that the new war strategy in Iraq looks promising.

Question: Does this mark 25th 'promising' new war strategy in Iraq or 28th? I've lost count.

Followup: Bush says a US pullout from Iraq would make the country as bad as Vietnam after the US withdrawal.

Observation: Since 4 million (civilians alone) perished during the Vietnamese civil war, I think our esteemed leader should be more concerned that Iraq will become like Vietnam was BEFORE the US withdrawal.

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Renegade Eye said...

I want the three years from now version of IPhone. I go to futurist meetings on occasion. They are high on IPhones, as a replacement for desktops.