Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Practicing for his day job

I was amused to read this piece about NY Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

Bruno and Governor Eliot Spitzer have been engaged in a war throughout much of the summer that has been nasty even by Albany's standards.

The Albany Times-Union claimed that documents showed that Bruno had been flying on state aircraft for trips that had a negligible amount of state business. Bruno charged back that the information in said documents were obtained because Spitzer had used the state police to spy on him. The independent state attorney general concluded that neither side did anything illegal but that both acted dubiously.

Anyway, Spitzer called Bruno to apologize for his part of the scandal. Bruno says he accepted the governor's apology about the improper use of the state police, but the Senator left some doubt about whether he trusted Spitzer's sincerity. The Senator said that when the Governor called him, Bruno was on his tractor on his horse farm outside Troy.

"I'd hate to tell you what I was doing with that tractor," Bruno said. "Trying to hook it up to a manure spreader."

I guess he's really does bring his work home with him.

Full disclosure: apparently Bruno is distantly related to me and, as I'm sure readers of this blog will agree, I also share his talent for manure spreading.


Mark said...

Brian, you gotta keep your relatives under control there in Albany!

Renegade Eye said...

Nitpicking enemies can be tempting.

semi234 said...


What a freaking farse this all is?