Friday, July 20, 2007

Evil Doers undermining America in Whitehall!

Apparently there's not much going on in Whitehall, NY... at least when Trey Anastasio isn't passing through.

What sorts of problems are there in Whitehall? Drugs? Vandalism? Teenage drinking? Pollution? Poverty?

According to one resident, the town's most pressing problem is that some Evil Doer is conspiring to undermine America by... fly a Mexican flag.

Call in the National Guard!!

The letter writer, who apparently has no sense of perspective, took time out of his day to write: Why then is a flag from Mexico allowed to fly on U.S. soil at a home on Route 4 just outside of Whitehall? There is no American flag there, just a Mexican flag. This is our country and we have only one flag! This whole thing upsets me greatly because of the lack of respect for our country and our vets. It ’s just plain wrong!

Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent on 'national defense,' many soldiers in Iraq aren't being properly equipped for the job they are being ordered by the president to do. Many veterans return from their service only to receive substandard medical care, lazily tolerated by officials so eager to invoke them to advance theri ideological agenda.

And this letter writer is most 'upset' about someone flying a Mexican tricolore?

Perhaps the reason a flag from Mexico is ALLOWED to fly on U.S. soil is because we live in a FREE country.

According to the national myth, isn't what our troops in Iraq are fighting for?


PCS said...

It never ceases to amaze me the way people in the USA worship our flag. I wish they had as much regard for the US Constitution.

Scoop said...

I saw this letter and just couldn't believe it but then again, it is Whitehall, bithplace of the U.S. Navy, maybe......

Mark said...

*looks at his walls*
I got a Gadsden flag, an Imperial German war ensign, and the flag of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
Do I qualify for a stoning?