Saturday, March 17, 2007

'War on terror' causes terrorism to skyrocket

... at least according to the facts.

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the aggression against Iraq. It's a good opportunity to take a look at just how disastrous the effects have been. How disastrous?

Many more people have died world due to terrorism in the 4 years since the invasion of Iraq than in all of the previous 35 years.

These astonishing statistics found at this Terrorism Knowledge Base website. It has information on all worldwide terrorist incidents since 1968.

From January 1, 1968 until March 20, 2003 (when the Iraq invasion began), there were 19,586 deaths caused during 16,343 terrorist incidents in the entire world. This figure of course included the attacks on New York and Washington.

Since then until today, there have been 28,229 deaths caused during 16,002 terrorist incidents.

There have been almost as many terrorist attacks in the world in the last four years as during the previous 35.

There have been almost one-third MORE deaths in the world due to terrorism in the last four years than during the previous 35.

Yes, Mr. President, the Iraq invasion has made the world safer.

Since the beginning of this atrocity, the world death rate due to terrorism is 13 times higher, terrorist incidents are 8 times more common.

Oh, and let's not forgot that anti-American hatred is way up.

Maybe they don't hate us for our freedom, as President Bush so pompously insists. Maybe they hate us because he's made the world a significantly more dangerous place by the grotesquely misnamed 'war on terror,' a ruse easily unmasked by a cursory look at... the facts.

Yes, Mr. President, the Iraq invasion has made the world better. Your little fantasy world, anyway.

No word on if the AT LEAST 150,000 Iraqis who've been killed since their "liberation" feel safer.


-In the 35 years prior to the Iraq Aggression, there was an average of 46.2 deaths per month worldwide due to terrorism and 38.6 terrorist incidents per month

-In the 4 years since the Iraq Aggression started, there has been an average of 588.1 deaths per month worldwide due to terrorism and 333.4 terrorist incidents per month.

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Frank Partisan said...

It started as a cliche, that the war on terror will create more terror. It turned into a reality.