Thursday, August 10, 2006

'None of the above' in 2006!

When I was in college, my roommate suggested that a good way to improve voter turnout was to make 'none of the above' an option on every ballot. And if 'none of the above' got more voters than any of the pretenders, there would have to be a new election with all new candidates. That might encourage candidates to reduce the mudslinging. The race for New York's 20th Congressional district exemplifies why such a change would be welcome.

I wrote earlier about the plethora of fake issues that have dominated the race between Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand and GOP incumbent Rep. John Sweeney (I think there's a libertarian running to but he never gets any press attention)

The Post-Star reports on the latest non-issue to surface in this farcical race. The Sweeney campaign contends that the Gillibrand campaign has a volunteer stalking the Congressman with a video camera. They claim the would-be stalker has been following Sweeney into grocery stores, restaurants and to the thoroughbred track at Saratoga.

The paper also noted that several pro-Sweeney men have attended Gillibrand rallies with signs supporting their candidate.

Some might criticize the paper for giving this much ink to such garbage, but I think the daily is performing a service in highlighting just how little each candidate is talking about real issues that affect voters in the 20th district.

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