Saturday, June 10, 2006

Shock! Amazement!

Earlier this week, The Guardian newspaper did something absolutely unprecedented for a English sport media outlet. It ran a column about US soccer that was not only mostly positive, but fair and even-handed.

Even more shockingly, the article was largely free of condescension, patronization and sarcastic. This is a serious violation of the English sport media's code of conduct with regard to coverage of the Beautiful Game in America.

I don't think the piece had a single snide use of the phrase "football, or 'sawker' as the Yanks call it." A version of this phrase is pretty much obligatory in any English media report on soccer in the US as is the pretense that it's the most original and creative observation in the world.

To read this ground-breaking article, click here


Frank Partisan said...

Is soccer played in the US?

Actually soccer is safer and less expensive than football. You would think high schools would rather have soccer teams than football; particularly in budget terms.

Brian said...

Actually, I know a lot of small town schools in NY and New England, have gotten rid of football in favor of soccer for exactly that reason.

semi234 said...

& cheaper to.