Monday, June 19, 2006

The need for scapegoats

If the Founding Fathers had thought dissent were unpatriotic, we'd still be singing 'God Save the Queen'

Earlier, I posted an entry on efforts by the far right wing to censure former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter.

A reader commented:

Someone should inform these loonies that Carter has not been president for 25 years and that they really should check the calendar. SHEEEEESH!

The reader is absolutely right, but what she fails to realize is the facts are irrelevant to that crowd.

The far right controls all the levers of power. The presidency and executive agencies. The House. The Senate (where at least the right's power is moderated a little by the nature of the chamber). Even more right-wing judges, who believe that legislative mob rule and unrestricted executive authority, can trample individual rights, are flooding into the lower levels of the judiciary.

So when the far right controls everything, who do they have to blame when things go wrong? In addition to Jimmy Carter, I've seen the following people and groups be blamed for all our problems in recent weeks:

-Out of power Democrats.

-The mythical 'liberal media.'

-Ordinary citizens who criticize the Iraq aggression, the war on civil liberties or any of the other malfeasence launched and defended by the far right.

-Loving gay couples

-The Dixie Chicks (who've received DEATH THREATS, which just goes to show some people believe in freedom so long as you don't actually exercise any).

-TV commentator Keith Olbermann

-Former Vice-President Al Gore.

-Environmentalist and singer Joan Baez


-Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan

-Documentary maker Michael Moore

I don't care whether you like or dislike any of these people or groups. What's most notable is that none of these people/groups actually develop public policy. None of these people are responsible for the problems in our country (with the possible except of the media, which was so sycophantic toward Bush in the early days of the Iraq atrocity).

But the fact that none of these people/groups actually have power makes no different to the far right, who needs scapegoats because their plans are going badly wrong. And since right wingers are the ones who have the actual power, since they're the ones who actually made the disastrous decisions, they need to blame singers, filmmakers and ordinary citizen Americans.

I hope Americans are too smart to see through the deceitful blame-shifting. It's just too bad the pathetic Democrats won't provide a serious alternative and the establishment media won't give any coverage to other, real alternative parties.

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PCS said...

The far right probably is upset there is no Nobel War Prize.