Sunday, June 11, 2006

Amnesty for 'legal' activities

Conservatives fumed over proposals to reform the nation’s immigration laws that would create a guest worker program. ‘This is amnesty,’ they screamed. They were furious about proposals which they say would reward and legitimize illegal behavior. The American government must always ensure respect for the law.

At least that’s what the right believed when the question was immigrant scapegoats.

Now, GOP Sen. Arlen Specter is proposing to give Pres. Bush blanket amnesty for the probably illegal warrantless spying on domestic citizens program.

The administration argues that the program is legal because it says it's legal. And the Bush administration has a long tradition of being sole arbitrer of the Constitution. Separation of powers went out the window years ago.

But if spying on citizens without a warrant is perfectly legal, then why is an amnesty needed?

As Adirondack Musing asks, why stop there? Why not go ahead and give Bush blanket amnesty for all laws he might break in the future? It'd probably save a lot of investigative time and money.

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