Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another unintended consequence of the Iraq invasion

Nearly all of the main (stated) justifications for the aggression against Iraq were based on the theme that it would make America safer and the world too. Not only would Iraq cease being a haven for terrorists and repository for weapons of mass destruction (which it never was), but 'shock and awe' would cow other Arab countries into submission to American will. One invasion would prevent the 'need' for five others, according to this logic.

But as with so much regarding the invasion, the (stated) plan didn't quite work out.

Earlier this month, Iran re-started its nuclear program. The Iranian regime claims that the program is strictly for peaceful purposes, to provide for the country's energy needs. The US, as well as many European governments, fear that the program will be used to develop nuclear weapons. The administration in Washington has suddenly become a fan of an aggressive UN (only selectively, of course).

If true, President Bush has no one to blame but himself.

Iran is one of the three members of what President Bush called 'the Axis of Evil.' If Iran does indeed want to develop nuclear weapons, it surely self-justifies that decision by looking at the fate of the other two members of that club. North Korea is widely believed to possess weapons of mass destruction. Iraq, quite obviously, never possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Which one was recently invaded by the US and Britain? Which one has been dealt with via non-military pressure?

If Tehran really is developing a nuclear program, can you blame them? The Iranian theocracy knows how this administration can effectuate regime change and wants to protect itself. Thanks to the Iraq aggression and belligerent calls from some for military action against Iran, the Iranian regime apparently now feels that the best way that this is the best way to guard its national sovereignty.

Yet another way this administration has made us safer.

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Who is the bully .. that is the question