Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Tidbits From Harper's

I love Harper's Index from Harper's Magazine. A few tidbits from the most recent issue (not yet online):

Number of blank votes recorded by touchscreen machines in a January election for Florida's House of Representatives: 137

Votes by which the race was won: 12

Days before last year's invasion of Iraq that Osama bin Laden called Saddam Hussein a "socialist infidel": 36

Percentage of US companies that threaten to close the work site when faced with a unionization effort: 51

Amount that Tom DeLay's political action committee spent at the Washington DC Hooters last November: $117.79.

[Yes, that's the same House Majority Leader who's Deputy Moralizer-in-Chief]

Years in prison to which two ex-Pentagon officials were sentenced last year for taking bribes of money and prostitutes: 24

Number of years a North Carolina man was has been in prison for stealing a television: 33.

[And finally, from the "I thought this was going desecrate the institution of marriage and cause Western Civilization to collapse" category]

Percentage of the 958 same-sex unions granted to Vermont residents since July 2000 that have since been dissolved: 3

Percentage of US heterosexual marriages that are dissolved within five years: 20