Tuesday, April 27, 2004

News item: Vice-President Cheney is party to a case before the Supreme Court that's being argued today. In it, the White House counsel argued that the vice-president had the right to meet in private with energy industry lobbyists like Enron's Ken Lay while formulating the country's energy policy without revealing the content of those meetings. Environmental and good governance groups had argued that the transcripts of the meetings should be released in the name of transparency. The vice-president disagreed, citing executive privilege (maybe the strict constitutionalists can tell me where 'executive privilege' appears in the federal document)

News item: The same administration forced through the Patriot Act. Critics charge that The legislation gave federal investigators more freedom to collect e-mail and Web information, more power to compel disclosure of personnel records, and more leeway to conduct wiretaps on land lines and cellphones — all with less judicial oversight.

In other words, the administration cares about privacy when it's their privacy in question but not when it's ours.

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