Tuesday, April 27, 2004

President Bush, Sen. Kerry and their surrogates are trading furious allegations. The Bush team is attacking Kerry for allegedly throwing away his war medals at an anti-Vietnam War protest in the early 70s. Kerry responded by re-opening the controversy of alleged discrepencies in Bush's National Guard service during the same time period.

Close 150,000 of our soldiers remain in Iraq. Many of them are still facing war-like circumstances nearly a year after the president played Top Gun and declared "Mission Accomplished." And yet both of the "mainstream" presidential candidates are dominating the headlines by trading smears about what may or may not have happened in 1971.

I can't think of a better demonstration of why voters need to start looking at alternatives to the two-party duopoly.

Ralph Nader, independent candidate for president
Green Party of the United States, 3rd largest party in the country
Libertarian Party of the United States

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