Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I see the Israeli military assassinated Cheikh Yassin, "spiritual leader" and co-founder of Hamas. The decision was roundly condemned by the international community, save the United States' government which said it was 'deeply troubled'.

Critics argued that the assassination would make homicide bombings more likely. Residents of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are braced for an interruption of the decades of peaceful solitude their cities have enjoyed.

Critics also argued that the murder of Yassin would radicalize the organization. A Hamas statement in response to the murder pledged to destroy the state of Israel. It noted that the Yassin assassination represented a death sentence for hundreds of Israelis on every street and every inch of land occupied by the Zionists. The statement is far more menancing than Hamas' previous objectives... to kill Israelis and destroy the state of Israel.

Incidentally, I noticed that the new leader of Hamas is a pediatrician. I wonder how calling for the murder of innocent Israelis squares with that whole Hippocratic Oath thing.

[To repeat: my solution to the problem is: a) give the Palestinians their own state while simultaneously b) making Israel a member of NATO. Getting Ariel Sharon out of power would certainly be helpful. But, as I've stated before, neighboring Arab countries don't actually want a solution to the problem; they want the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an issue, as a scapegoat to deflect their populations' anger over their own corruption, mismanagement and autocracy. This is why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has persisted so long.]

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