Saturday, March 27, 2004

In 2000, then-Gov. Bush apparently promised he’d create (er “create”) 2.4 million by 2004. It seems the ECONOMY has failed to produce that many jobs and Pres. Bush has egg on his face. So you think his Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry would’ve learned from this. No, of course not.

Instead, Kerry has pledged to create 10 million new jobs in his first four-year term.

I saw a speech on TV where Kerry said that the president can do everything BUT create jobs. So this begs the question: if the president can do everything short of creating jobs, why is Kerry promising to create jobs?

This shows, if there was an iota of doubt before, that Kerry is a standard politician who peddles the standard b.s. just like the others. He’ll be slightly less bad (or slightly less good, depending on your perspective) than the current occupant of the White House.

Sure, a President Kerry is unlikely to attend a fundraiser where a friendly governor talks on his cell phone to "God" before the microphones and cameras and notes that he understands how "God" can't endorse the governor's candidate. And Kerry will probably be suck up to Europe a little more when he feels like invading random countries. But really, nothing is going to fundamentally change, just around the edges.

As I’ve written before, government is not in the business of creating jobs (except for defense contractors). It can make marginal changes around the edges and trade policy is the only place where it can have a big effect quickly. But any candidate who promises to create 10 million jobs is begging to not be taken seriously.

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