Monday, February 23, 2004

I flipped the TV on and it was on CSPAN. They were showing the Republican governors meeting. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was at the podium talking on his cellphone to God. Yes, the Lord and Creator of the Universe had nothing better to do than talk to a political flack at a partisan get-together.

Gov. Huckabee had a conversation with God, into the cellphone and microphone, in front of a few dozen governors, the president and a national television audience. A two-way conversation, it seems, the contents of which the governor shared.

God apparently told him to support families and strong leaders. Though, Gov. Huckabee assured God, "I know you can't take sides in the election." He kept a straight face while saying this.

I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. So I did both.

The scary part is that, I swear to Huckabee's God, I'm not making this up.

It's one thing to let your beliefs guide your political actions. It's another to crassly exploit religion for a few extra votes.

I half expect the president to explain us why Jesus explicitly ordered him to invade Iraq.

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