Tuesday, January 06, 2004

People often criticize Fox News (sic) Channel for their conservative, hyper-"patriotic" reporting. But for less overtly partisan outlets in the corporate media, bias invades in more subtle ways. Last night, I caught a bit of NBC News with my parents, which I don't typically watch. Now unlike FNC, NBC News generally tries to fair-minded. Whether they succeed or not is an open question, but it's their ideal. I concede that bias, and perception of bias, is very subjective and that outlets like the networks are always criticized for slanted reporting by partisans of all sides.

Nevertheless, Andrea Mitchell (wife of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan) did a report last night on the tape apparently issued by Osama bin Laden. In it, she noted that bin Laden called for jihad against against moderate Arab regimes, notably Saudi Arabia.

Now, the transcript of this particular report is not on their website (only a version which combines Mitchell's info with wire services) but this is what I remember. I was flabbergasted by Mitchell's comment.

Saudi Arabia is a country where women can't drive, thieves have their hands chopped off, zero political opposition to the monarchy's kleptocracy is tolerated and is one of the most closed societies in the world. When did this become a "moderate" regime, by NBC News' standards?

What's next, a piece on the "enlightened Kim regime" in North Korea?

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