Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Ok so the president convinces us that it's our Christian duty to engage in a holy Crusade to selflessly liberate the Iraqi people.

And supposed Protestants and Catholics kill, maim and brutalize each other in Northern Ireland to protect their warped version of Christianity. Fans of the two biggest soccer teams in Scotland recreate this sectarianism every time they play each other, singing of Fenian scum and rivers of blood.

Now, the guy who stabbed to death Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh said he was told to do so by Jesus.

I was once approached on the street by a Baptist who asked me if I was interested in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus was a pretty good guy. So I'd rather read what he actually said (or was recorded to have said). Strangely enough, his approach to life and society was much different than the approach to life and society of many of those who say they admire him or claim to base their actions on his teachings.

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