Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Our local paper runs Bill O’Reilly’s column on Monday. That day, they run O’Reilly and Cal Thomas, two hyper-conservative columnists. On Tuesday (I think), they run Molly Ivins and Ellen Goodman. Goodman’s an ordinary liberal. Ivins proves that left-wing women can be just as shrill as right-wing men. Strike a blow for equality of the sexes!

Anyway, in yesterday’s column, O’Reilly gave some tips to the Democratic Party. I usually don’t read that junk but my breakfast took a little longer to eat than usual.

O’Reilly took his usual shots against the “far left” who opposed the Iraq war and against the “radical” grassroots organization MoveOn.org.

Interestingly, MoveOn already has 1.7 million members in only two (?) years. That number is a little less than half the 4.3 million claimed by the National Rifle Organization, which has been around since 1871. If O’Reilly calls for the “radical” NRA to disband, then maybe he can do the same to MoveOn.

O’Reilly also sniffed about a video contest sponsored by MoveOn. It sollicited ads criticizing President Bush’s policies. A few of the entries compared the administration to Nazi Germany. Now, these entries weren’t judged worthy of the time of day by MoveOn, but that didn’t stop O’Reilly and other conservatives from stomping their feet loudly. If I submit a “bin Laden kicks butt” piece to the patriotism contest sponsored by the local American Legion, will that “discredit” the Legion?

O’Reilly also made fauning references to MoveOn supporter George Soros (“one far out character”). According to O’Reilly, Soros is moaning there isn’t enough ‘income redistribution’ in the world. Maybe that’s because the Soviet Union collapsed.

Of course, from this smear you’d think Soros loved communism more than anything else in the world. That must be why Soros moved away from Hungary after it fell under the Soviet boot, made a fortune in the investment markets (a great haven for capitalism haters) and established foundations through Eastern Europe to promote “open society through the support of a variety of educational, cultural and economic restructuring activities.”

But what’s most amusing is O’Reilly’s conclusion. I am sending a final warning to the Democratic Party, which my family belonged to for more than one hundred years. Wise up before it's too late. People judge you by those with whom you associate.

O’Reilly’s love and concern for the well-being of the Democratic Party is well-documented. I’m sure all Democrats will trust his advice enough to follow it. He only wants what’s best for them. Really!

Sources: George Soros bio -- Bill O’Reilly column

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