Sunday, December 14, 2003

A combatative neo-conservative guest on the BBC pontificated on the potential effect of Saddam's 'encapturation.' Apparently, right wingers worship of the president extends to language. Imaginize that!

Said guest insisted that even if we didn't find weapons of mass destruction, the war was still a wonderful thing because "24 million Iraqis were liberated."

I'm sure it'll be great for the Iraqis, once they get water, electricity and other basic services restored. It'll also be good for international justice, assuming he's given something vaguely resembling a fair trial. Hopefully, this will bury once and for all the notion that a former head of state has some sort of imm/punity for crimes against humanity.

Yet I personally don't feel any different. The weapons of mass destruction are still unaccounted for and they were supposedly the primary reason we went to war.

If we can't find them, then this means one of two things. Either a) they're still out there, unaccounted for, possibly still in the hands of `cbad guys or b) they never were there to begin with, in which case the war was based on either an overt lie or horribly inaccurate intelligence.

Bye bye Saddam. One dictator down, a few dozen to go.

Incidentally, was it just me or did dissheveled Saddam bear a striking resemblance to the Unabomber?

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