Sunday, November 16, 2003

...says the director of Amnesty International USA.

This backs up my longheld belief that if the left in general, and the Greens in particular, want to make an impact, they mustn't content themselves at simply whining about the odious Bush administration and leave it at that. Progressives must present concrete, POSITIVE alternatives to neo-conservativism before it destroys America and the world.

One thing that I've learned in following politics is that extremism requires a vacuum to survive. As bad as the neo-conservatives' policies are, it's something. They believe in something. Because the Democrats have been paralyzed by cowardice (and the Greens are too seized by fury, at this point, to offer a positive agenda), there is no counter-weight to it neo-conservatism right now. People will usually chose something good over something bad. But they will almost always chose something, however catastrophic, over nothing.

The anti-Bush opposition is primarily negative. We mustn't do this, we mustn't do that. This is understandable, consdering how dangerous the current policies are. But the policies are reacting to real problems. Until the anti-Bush opposition comes up with real alternatives, it will flounder. And the country and world risk being stuck with this administraiton for four more years. We can't afford the left's self-indulgent sniping any longer.

More than two years into the Bush administration's lurching war on terror, William Schulz, executive director of Amnesty International USA, is aiming some of his sharpest criticism not at the White House, but at the American political left. His message: Take on the terror threat, or risk irrelevance.

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