Sunday, March 30, 2003

What's this blog all about?

Who am I? What is the nature of this blog? Do I always start my essays with questions?

I am a 29 year old man who lives in upstate New York. In addition to composing short stories and essays, I am a freelance writer. One of the reasons I have created this blog to further promoting my work, with the hopes that some visitors will be interested in publishing it. My work has already appeared in such publications as The Clarkson Integrator, ça va?, The Chronicle and Mano Vision, a West African magazine based in London.

After graduating from Clarkson University, I served for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer math teacher in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. As a result, I follow very closely the affairs of the African continent in general and the West African sub-region in particular.

Most of my essays are opinionated or polemical in nature, so if a socio-political edge bothers you, then perhaps this is not your blog.

I expect to translate some of my English essays into French (and vice versa) on subjects of transnational interest. If you are interested in the French version of my work, go to:

You can contact me directly at: